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Welcome New Patients!

Inbalance Physical Therapy is located at 36397 N. Gantzel Rd. Suite # 102 in San Tan Valley, AZ across from Banner Ironwood Medical Center. We have a knowledgeable, cheerful and dedicated front office staff eager to assist you.

If you are a new patient we encourage you to download the forms below so when you visit the clinic we can get started with your evaluation and treatment as quickly as possible.

For your first session:

  1. Please bring your insurance card, photo ID, method of payment if you have a co-pay or deductible, and your prescription for physical therapy written by your Physician or Referring Provider.  It is also helpful if you bring medical records such as X-ray and MRI reports.
  2. Please download the ‘New Patient Packet’ from the bottom of this page and have it filled out when you arrive for your first appointment.
  3. Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing, as will get you moving on your first visit.  You may want to wear or bring shorts if we are treating an ankle, knee, or hip.
  4. Arrive 10-15 minutes early to complete intake requirements for your first session.

Pool Patients:

  1. Your first visit will be on land as we will need to do a full assessment and interview.
  2. For follow up visits we ask that you wear your swimming suit under your clothing and bring a towel.
  3. You can wear water shoes but they are not necessary.
  4. We do have private changing areas, showers and lockers.
  5. Be sure to bring a change of clothes if you do not want to go home in a wet bathing suit.

What you can expect:

  1. Comprehensive one-on-one examination and assessment with an expert Physical Therapist.
  2. Be prepared to answer questions regarding your condition as your Physical Therapist will want to completely understand how to best help you.
  3. Development of a program designed specifically for you based on your examination and your personal health and/or fitness goals.
  4. In most cases treatment will begin and include instruction in an individualized home exercise program to address your needs, manual therapy interventions and supportive measures to facilitate your recovery.
  5. Taking into consideration you condition, goals, results of the examination and the Dr. referral, most patients are scheduled 1-3 x a week for up to 6-8 weeks.

New Patient Packet

We look forward to meeting you and finding the best way to care for your needs. Take a moment to download and fill out this important information. Thanks!

1.  Download and fill-out the New Patient form:

New Patient

2.  Download and fill out the form that best fits you problem:

Neck or Upper back

Low Back or Lumbar

Hip, Pelvis, or Upper Thigh


Arm – Elbow, Forearm, Wrist and Hand


Foot, Ankle, Lower Leg

Neurological Condition


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